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7 Days
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Programme summary

An essential course for all those who are working with preschool children (1-6 years) as well as to all those wishing to refresh/enhance their knowledge. The course covers a variety of topics which are useful for successfully working with preschool children. Moreover, the course deals with effective training practices and procedures and emphasizes on the importance of preschool education. It is ideal not only for those who want to improve their training skills but also those wishing to know the essentials of preschool education in Slovenia and other European countries.


In today’s demanding and challenging working environment, it is vital that professionals involved in preschool education have the rights skills and attributes and be capable to understand, at an early stage, the needs and requirements of their children and parents. This course equips the participants with in depth knowledge of the preschool education as well as with the different skills and ideas for working with preschoolers. It is ideal for those responsible with the drafting of a preschool programme as well as for all those actually working with kids in their organization or institution. Preschool is a fundation course will provide also valuable knowledge and tools to preschool teachers involved in any type of formal and non-formal education, since part of the training is dedicated on visiting the kindergardens in Celje. Finally, the course will benefit the participants’ organisations since the attendees will gain valuable knowledge on different ideas and good practice.

Benefits of Preschool is a fundation to participants:

  • Enhance the skills and improve the knowledge of preschool education
  • Enhance skills and competences in structuring and delivering a preschool education
  • Exchange the good practice between participants

Benefits to participant‘s organisation

  • Improve human capital through enhancement of staff competency levels
  • Train new and existing staff and build helpful relationships with and among colleagues
  • Enhance the image by improving skills related to public speaking and exposure to any type of audience

Target groups

This course is designed for preschool teachers and their assistants, teachers in primary schools (1. grade), headmasters  and professionals responsible/in charge of the development of staff competence level as an integral part of the overall business development strategy.

Programme day-by-day


Hotel Celeia: welcome, icebreaker, participants’ presentations


Introduction to Slovenian education system at Gimnazija Celje – Center
Organisation of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools up to university, detailed introduction to the kindergartens in Slovenia and Gimnazija Celje – Center (vocational program for kindergarten assistants)
Visit to 2 structured classes (children at play and science for children)
Presentation of 2 interdisciplinary classes for 2nd and 3rd year pupils of the vocational program
Visit to the Tree House in the Celje City Park & short guided visit of the city centre
The tree house of Celje in an experimental open space for nature pedagogy


Study visit to the Faculty of Pedagogy (University of Ljubljana) and sightseeing of the Slovenian capitol
Visit to the department for preschool education, afterwards short sightseeing tour of Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia and some free time


Collaboration – part I: social classroom on Edmodo.Project work: using ICT tools on participants’ own examples.
Half day excursion.


Visit to kindergartens in Celje
Job shadowing
Discussion with the management of the kindergarten and kindergarten teachers
Visit to the “Peoples University of Celje”
Centre for adult education with a qualifying program for kindergarten assistants


Workshops at Gimnazija Celje – Center
Participation in two interdisciplinary programs – sport for children and social sciences for children with elements of 1/1 pedagogy and sandbox presentation
Discussion with teachers and pupils
Concert dinner with pupils of Gimnazija Celje – Center


Evaluation & feedback, conclusion, farewell

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  • 11. 10. – 17. 10.
    (open for pre-registration)

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Useful information about Rediscover preschool

Which competencies will you acquire?

By the end of the course the participants will:

  • Understand the skills and attributes of an excellent preschool teacher/assistant
  • Comprehend the needs and requirements of the preschool children and their parents
  • Know the organisation of the preschool system in Slovenia and training for kindergarten teachers and assistants
  • Know the innovative methodological approach in Slovenian kindergartens, especially in the field of science, mathematics, humanistic studies and sports obtained within several workshops lead by the method learning by doing
  • Have practical experience gained thru visits to local kindergartens and teacher training school
  • Learn the fundamental training delivery skills and how to use them to their advantage

In what ways can you integrate competencies?

By the end of the course, delegates will have acquired capabilities to:

  • Understand the skills and attributes required for someone being an excellent preschool teacher/assistant
  • Comprehend in depth the needs and requirements of the preschool children and their parents

The participants will:

  • Learn all about preschool organisation in Slovenia
  • Learn from good practice in local kindergartens and teacher training school
  • Learn the fundamental training delivery skills and how to use them to their advantage

Meet the trainers

Metka Krajnc


Metka Krajnc is a pedagogy and art history teacher at Gimnazija Celje – Center, vocational secondary school in Celje with a kindergarten teachear assistant programme. She is also a part of the school’s Erasmus + team and international programme assistant and the project coordinator of the ESS project Munera 3 (2018-2022) that provides special training and programmes for professional development for teachers in kindergartens and schools. She is also an author of the vocational textbook Kids at play.

Barbara Hernavs


Barbara Hernavs is a pedagogy teacher at Gimnazija Celje – Center, vocational secondary school in Celje with a kindergarten teachear assistant programme. She is also the coordinator of the practical education of pupils which is an important and obligatory part of the kindergarten assistant teachers training in Slovenia. The pupils can also do their practical programme abroad – in the year 2019 the school provides practical education in kinderartens in Portugal, Finland, Ireland and Spain. Barbara is also the coordinator of the GCC educational center – a platform of good practices for teachers and school staff with regular trainings, seminars and lectures that include practics and guests from Celje, Slovenia and abroad.

Gregor Deleja


Gregor Deleja is the headmaster of grammar school Gimnazija Celje – Center since 2014. He graduated from the department of Music at the University of Maribor. He worked in tourism as an independent sales executive for groups and congress tourism. He is active in education as a teacher of music and piano, as an artistic menthor and pianist of tango quintett Gamma and vocal groups Oktet 9 and FaVoZa and in cultural management as founder and project manager of Hisa kulture Celje (House of Culture Celje). He is also active in the field of research, especially in educational management and in work with gifted children. He is a board member of several educational organizations.



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