Erasmus+ KA1 staff mobility is...

…an excellent opportunity for teachers, headmasters, career consultants, trainers and HRM professionals to participate in international courses in different European countries. Important novelty is that your organization can apply for multiple places at the same training course.
Participants may get the funding from EU Erasmus+ programme, which (at least for our training courses) covers ALL of the necessary costs such as traveling, accommodation and tuition fee.

How can my organisation apply for EU grant?

If you don’t have experience with EU proposals, applying for Erasmus grant can be a bit confusing. In reality it’s not that hard! Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: in order to apply for Erasmus+ grant you will need a PIC code for your organisation. Register in EU Participant Portal to get it for your organisation. In writing Erasmus+ mobility proposal you will also need our PIC code, which is Primera’s PIC code 949416601.

Step 2: find an interesting course for you from selection of Primera courses. As you can see we are focused on development of entrepreneurial skills, relationships, empowerment of teachers, effective communication and creativity. With pre-registration to one of our courses you’ll prebook the place at us and prove established relationship with your national agency.

Step 3: download an application form from your National agency website and prepare a proposal under the Key Action 1 (KA1), Learning Mobility of Individuals. Note that there is just one deadline each year so don’t miss it! If your organization didn’t apply, you’ll have to wait until next year for grant approval.

Step 4: submit the application to your National agency. All the files are submitted online, so you’ll need to scan documents.

Step 5: stick your fingers crossed and check webpage of your national agency for results. Majority of eligible countries publish results in late spring/early summer (May, June).

Step 6: when you receive positive feedback from your agency, please let us know so we can confirm your chosen date.

Step 7: after you receive a grant approval notice, you’ll need to sign contract with your national agency. It takes around two months from grant approval to transfer of grants to your organisation.

Filling the KA1 application form

Application form is by far the most important document you’ll submit. We suggest you to start filling the missing data few days before deadline. You’ll probably need some time to gather all the information and collect signatures.

If you are applying for the first time, you may want to read informative blog post on our home page. We presented all chapters from application form and unveiled few hints that can facilitate your application process.

For those who need more than just a basic knowledge, two additional posts will be useful. In “First aid for writing a good European development plan” you’ll find advices for the most important chapter in the application form. Another post “Dissemination in KA1 projects” can help you to plan efficient dissemination activities.

You received the grant but you haven't chosen your course provider?

No problem. Maybe you’ll find the perfect course among those that we offer. Take some time and check if the course objectives meet the needs of your organization that were written in application form.

When you make up your decision, fill-up the data in pre-registration form. One of our colleagues will reply you shortly. Together we’ll choose the right date for you. We’ll confirm your place with “Letter of acceptance“, signed by our managing director.

My grant was approved. What's next?

We’re always happy when we hear the following news: “My grant was approved and I’m ready to plan my visit to Slovenia!” It’s never to early to notify us, since this fixes your place at the course.
We’ll reply you immediately and inform you if the chosen course already reached the minimum number of participants. When we receive 10 fixed reservations, we officially confirm the course.Last year we implemented almost all planned courses and some courses for 2016 are already confirmed. As soon as you hear that the course will be implemented, you can start searching for the plane ticket. If something really extraordinary happens and we have to cancel previously confirmed course, you’ll receive full compensation of your plane ticket and all other extra costs (we’re glad we didn’t have situations like this in 2015).Soon after confirmation of the course you’ll receive contact form. With contact form we collect some additional information about you and colleagues that will join you. Questions like preferred type of accommodation, special dietary requirements, time of arrival and emergency number are meant to make your mobility in Ljubljana as pleasant as possible.

Last two months before your mobility

In the last two months before the course starts we enter into more frequent communication. From the group coordinator you’ll receive detailed training schedule (by hours for all 7 days), which we can improve with your suggestions.

Soon after the schedule is sent, you’ll have the chance to join us in Skype conference call, where we’ll clarify all you need to know about the course.

Six weeks before the beginning of the course, we’ll send you preparation material. Each course has preparation material that will enable you to follow the contents easily.

Of course we didn’t forget the invoices. We’ll send it four weeks before the course starts. You can transfer money to our bank account up to one week before you join us.

What about accomodation?

Ljubljana is very popular among tourists, so you can find plenty of affordable accommodation. All our courses are organized in the city centre so it makes sense to look for accomodation in central area. If you prefer to rent apartments or private rooms, you can visit Airbnb, which offers more than 300 affordable accommodations in Ljubljana.

To make things easier for participants, we established corporate agreement with centrally located City hotel. It is highly rated hotel with friendly staff, nice rooms and excellent breakfast. You just have to tell us type of preferred room and you’ll receive the best price on market. We don’t take any commission, so you can pay directly to City hotel when you leave.

What about the costs?

A grant from EU Erasmus+ programme covers the necessary costs for participants of the programme. We charge 500 € for each training course. If you apply for 7-day long training, you’ll be able to cover all the costs with your Erasmus+ grant.

For every every approved grant you’ll receive the following amount:

  • Course fee: 490 € (70 € per day for 7 days). That includes tuition, training materials and VAT.
  • Organizational costs: Organizations receive 350 € for each participant that goes to mobility.
  • Individual support: up to 100 € per day. This amount covers cost of living in Slovenia (especially accommodation and meals). If needed, our company can provide you a good value accommodation and choice of local restaurants.
  • Travel expenses: majority of countries receive 275 – 360 € for travel expenses to Slovenia. This is usually more than enough, if you consider Ljubljana airport and abundance of airports in the neighborhood (Zagreb, Venice, Vienna) that you can reach with efficient shuttle transfer GoOpti.

Keep in mind that you can also apply for 5-day course, if your obligations don’t allow you to be abroad for seven days. You won’t miss a lot of content (only minor activities are planned for first and last day). However, the price for 5-day course is the same (500 €), but you’ll receive only 350 €  for training fee. We advice you to cover the remaining 150 € from the category “Organizational costs” (you can transfer money across categories).