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Teja Bajt, M.Res., is a biologist with a master of research degree in molecular and cellular biology, awarded from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. In years working in different research institutes in Slovenia, Italy and United Kingdom she gained valuable knowledge in how the research world works and obtained a first-hand experience in conducting scientific experiments.

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Prešernova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Teja Bajt

As a member of different scientific societies and by reading the latest scientific literature she is up-to-date with the latest research achievements and discoveries, as she believes this is one of the fundamental needs in her wish to pass on the knowledge to others. She enjoys presenting science in an understandable manner, when complicated becomes easy. She was also awarded for the best talk category at the symposium in Birmingham, United Kingdom, presenting scientific results to the lay audience.

Teaching science through playful and interactive lessons is where her passion for science meets the enjoyment of working with children. Therefore, she established the VseUk company through which she shares the passion for science amongst children, by providing programmes offering fun, yet educational hands-on experiments for primary school children. In that way, she hopes she would inspire children to realise that science is all around us. She strongly believes science can be interesting and easy for children, if only presented in a fun and understandable manner.

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