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Petra Založnik, BSc in Teacher Education and Sociology of Culture, is educator, evaluator and designer of innovative approaches to learning and teaching in the field of education.

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Prešernova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Petra Založnik

She has been working with teachers and schools in the fields of foreign language teaching and learning, intercultural competences, team teaching, integrative curriculum, peer learning, etc. Lately she has been focusing on opening the space for Art of Hosting practices in the educational system – she has been promoting methodologies that enable us to develop collaboration skills and create an atmosphere and structure in which we learn both about a topic of interest as well as life itself. She believes in natural learning, the harmony of chaos and order, meaningful conversations and trusts that in real collaboration and partnership we can design powerful stories that lead us to an empowering present and even more nourishing future.

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