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Natalija Vrhunc, MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy, is a group process facilitator/host and an environmental management specialist.

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Prešernova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Natalija Vrhunc

Her facilitation orientation lately has been in dialogue and circle, as platforms for participatory leadership, deep connection and meaningful conversations in groups. Facilitation and hosting offer her life learning opportunities to learn and work on how to enable people to co-create and live in joyful learning together, feeling free in their expression and safe in all kinds of diversities, to listen to and respect each other. She believes that every human being has a potential for creative connection with others in purpose for better being of everybody and everything.
She has applied Art of Hosting practices to a variety of contexts – government (events with high diversity of stakeholders, as preparation of national strategies, operational programmes, citizen engagement for the vision of Slovenia 2050), municipalities (working lately on integration of marginalized groups), communities (Youth for Green Ljubljana; Pro Action Cafes; grassroots local development initiatives) and education (University of Ljubljana).

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