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Mihaela Zavašnik Arčnik (PhD) has more than 15 years of experience of working with adults and students in the education sector.

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Prešernova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mihaela Zavašnik Arčnik

She has worked in a variety of educational fields, which include: teaching in primary and secondary school, teaching in private sector, working as a assistant lecturer and professor at a university, training and coaching (head)teachers, leading (inter)national programmes and projects. Her areas of expertise include: career and professional development of (head)teachers, self-evaluation and critical reflection, strategic and action planning, middle leadership, change management, trends in education, (head)teacher evaluation. She is s trained career counsellor, internationally accredited coach (ACTP), external evaluation expert for Erasmus+ programmes and Cambridge English Language Assessment Examiner. Mihaela’s main focus is to assist students, (head)teachers and other people to develop their career and professional pathways. She believes that every individual has potentials that can be successfully developed if ensured that their individual needs are met and properly addressed.

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