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Ivana Majcen is a primary school teacher and doctoral candidate at the Faculty of education in Ljubljana. Since she herself has a migrant experience, she was interested to help children who are entering Slovenian school.

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Prešernova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ivana Majcen

As a student she was involved in projects working with children who are coming from different cultural and language environment, so she worked as a teacher in Roma village and asylum seeker house – helping children with home works and did some social learning. This encouraged her to continue improving in her work, so she spent one semester in Sweden working in schools and conducting a research on comparison of Slovenian and Swedish intercultural education. For her work she received an University award. Since then she is working on different projects connected with intercultural pedagogy and education. In 2013 she wrote a handbook for teachers, named Intercultural? Yes!, has been working together with ISA institute at the »Developing intercultural environment as a new form of co-existance« project and lately for the project »We are all migrants« that was recognising immigrants living in Slovenia as a contribution to our society. She has traveled a lot and been recognising different practices in different countries. She published few articles describing her work in practice or some research results she collected in Slovenia.

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