Skupina Primera is HR consultancy based in Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. We are experts for simple, integrated solutions with people in the centre of attention. On the individual level we are focused mainly on personal and professional development.

We assist with psychometric assessment, establishment of competency models and discovery of training needs. Over the last few years we implemented numerous tailor-made workshops, seminars and trainings that are delivered to employees, managers, HR experts, teachers, trainers and entrepreneurs. We have received positive feedback from workshops that cover communication skills, team-building, career counselling, train-the-trainer, conflict management, change management, creativity and entrepreneurial competencies.

Our experts frequently use individual, peer and group coaching to support personal development and growth. One of our priorities is sustainable development of creative thinking, basic entrepreneurial competences and marketing skills. We help organizations to move toward the culture of innovation and exploit full potential of social innovations.

We have successfully implemented various projects with private and public institutions. Our experts are also active in European partnerships within the Erasmus+ programme. Here we often apply as STEP Institute, NGO that was established by Skupina Primera members (check for more details).

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